Diversify your income streams and access top-tier business support.

  Keep more ownership of your practice

 Invest in other successful practices

 Keep your practice brand, staff, and processes

 Access support for day-to-day functions

 Maintain a patient-focused culture

 Free up time to focus on the work you love

Still have questions? We're an open book.


Does partnering with Accelerate Dental mean I’ll have to rebrand my practice?

No–you’ve built a successful business using your brand, and we don’t want to change it.

Will I be employed by Accelerate Dental?

We want entrepreneurs, not employees. Our model ensures that our partner practices typically have 50% ownership by the dentists practicing there–and they have the autonomy to drive the decisions of their practice. This promotes long-term thinking and builds the best patient relationships. 

What will happen to my employees?

We assume that you’ll continue to run your practice just as you did before the investment. That means that you get to decide who your staff is, and their compensation won’t change. In many cases we will improve their overall benefits.

What’s the difference between a DSO and a DPO?

DSOs are a great fit for older, well-established practices whose owners are getting ready to retire. If you’re still in the growth phase, your best option is a DPO (dental partnership organization) like Accelerate Dental. DPOs offer more flexibility, higher reward potential, and greater autonomy.

How can a DPO help me grow my practice?

Our practice owners have the autonomy to use the vendors, processes, and clinical procedures they believe are most effective in growing their practice. And as part of Accelerate Dental, they also have access to service teams that can help them, their associates, and their staff with other activities. 

We provide many services–such as recruiting, claims support, marketing, procurement benefits, and more–that can help you build the best practice possible. We’re here to support you, but you’re in the driver's seat.

When I decide to get more information, what does the process look like?

Step 1: Meet one-on-one. We meet with you (a few times if needed) to share more about our model and answer your questions. 

Step 2: Get an estimated valuation. If you want to move forward, we request financial and practice data and give you an LOI (letter of intent) with our estimated valuation.  

Step 3: Become partners. After a 30 to 60 day diligence period to verify your practice data, we close the transaction and become partners.

Am I a good candidate to work with a DPO?

If you want to maintain a patient-focused, care-oriented culture, run your practice more efficiently, grow your business and invest in its future, and spend more time doing the work you’re passionate about, you may be a great candidate to work with Accelerate Dental.

Can I invest in Accelerate Dental?

Yes! Practices that partner with Accelerate Dental have the opportunity to invest in TopCo and participate in future returns as Accelerate Dental grows. Because our dentists are the investors, they get the larger returns that private equity firms take in most DSOs.


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