Elevate your practice–without sacrificing control

Accelerate Dental is a dental partnership organization (DPO) that helps you maintain a patient-focused culture, invest in other successful dental practices, and get top-tier business support.

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Spend less time on administrative tasks and more with patients

Use your practice equity to invest in other like-minded practices 

Grow your practice as an entrepreneurial dentist 

Looking for a way to maximize your returns without losing control of your practice? Then the traditional DSO model probably isn't for you.


90-100% corporate ownership

Good financial outcomes

Limited flexibility

Not always patient-focused

Designed for dentists looking to retire


You still own 50%+ of your practice

Best financial outcomes

Flexible management options

High-quality patient care comes first

Designed for entrepreneurial dentists

Accelerate Dental is building a new dental partnership model for the future. We provide options for up-and-coming dentists who want to accelerate their growth without giving up their freedom.

Partnering with Accelerate Dental fuels your practice’s success. You’ll see results immediately and in the long term.

Flexible business support

We help you achieve success by providing a range of services (such as finance, HR, and more) to support your practice. Don’t worry, though—you can continue to use any vendors, tools, or partners you love.


Superior returns

When you partner with Accelerate, you are the investor—not private equity. You’ll open yourself up to the possibility of higher rewards and diversify your risk by investing in other practices.

And because you still own a larger share of your practice, there’s a bigger exit when it’s time to sell. 

Practice expansion

Help your business thrive without losing sight of the work you love.

We can help recruit new employees, invest in new technology and training, and grow your practice so you have more time to focus on the big picture.

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Services we take off your plate when you partner with us:

Finance & bookkeeping

Information & tech security

Legal & regulatory compliance

Need more help? We also provide these optional services:

Human resources

IT and tech support



Continuing education

Call overflow

Revenue cycle and collections

Recruiting and staffing

Real estate

Staff training

How it works


Meet one-on-one 

We’ll get to know you and your practice, discuss your goals and objectives, and answer any questions you have.


Share details 

If you’d like to explore a partnership with us, we’ll ask for financial and operating details of your practice to evaluate as we draft an offer. 


Receive an offer 

Next, we’ll present an offer tailored to your goals and structured to maximize your long-term financial outcomes.


Become a partner

You’ll join Accelerate Dental. You keep doing the same things you did before you joined, and we provide more resources if you want them.

How we're different

Unlike traditional DSOs, we believe in leaving equity in the hands of dentists—not large corporations. We also know that as an owner, you’re equipped to make the best decisions to care for your patients and actively grow your business. 

When you partner with us, you’ll own the majority of your business, invest in other thriving practices, and preserve the culture and reputation you’ve worked so hard to create. 


Partner with a DPO that leaves your equity in your own hands, provides extensive business support, and focuses on culture first. Ready to get started?


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